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Neville Goddard’s Breathing Technique

“Now there’s a definite technique to it, a simple, simple technique. If I can share with you what I do and it works. I bring them into my mind’s eye and I work myself up into an emotional state. It’s like a peculiar rhythm: I breathe in and breathe out and breathe in and breathe out and suddenly I reach a certain point and then one deep inhalation as though I’m setting it up in a time exposure before my own mind. I set it up and then all of the sudden I have a deep, deep inhalation and every pore of my being explodes and then I do nothing beyond that.”

“It’s taking that scene and setting it up in a time exposure before the eternal event and then I explode it! And then let life develop it and life develops it. And then I get the call or I get the wire or I get a letter confirming that which I did and I do nothing to make it so. … I simply bring it to my mind’s eye what I want to see, see it clearly, explode it and then let it be. Now it could be tomorrow, it could be a month, it could be even years. I am not concerned. I have done it and that’s all that matters as far as I’m concerned. … There’s a time interval between that impregnation and the actual embodiment of that state. And I do not know the time intervals. … But I tell you, it works.”

“Let me once more try to explain this simple, simple technique. You will have to practice it and use your own rhythm. … You can be at home listening to nice music. You can be simply relaxing with a drink. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing or where you are but want to do it. Get into a lovely, quiet relaxed frame…. Wouldn’t it be wonder IF she actually had it? IF he had it? IF they had it? Oh so you know exactly what you want now.”

“And then you imagine you are seeing them. You can see them in your mind’s eye and see them vividly. And then breathe yourself into a rhythm. They’re telling you that they have it. And you’re getting yourself worked up emotionally because they’re telling you that they have exactly what you know they want in this world. And then you reach a certain point and you explode. Something actually goes out of you, its power.…”

“You work yourself up into a certain emotional state and then suddenly you explode and you feel everything go out. And you cannot repeat it. There’s no desire to repeat it. It was an actual psychic sexual act but there’s no physical act. There is no evidence of any physical act. But it’s the same thrill that you would were it a physical act. Work yourself right up into that state and then let it go. And do not raise one finger to make it so anymore then you would after impregnation. What can you do after pregnancy has taken place? Nothing. You leave it alone and let it take place in its own good time.”  — Neville Goddard  – Andrew

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neville goddard quote

I Go Right Into The Scene and Explore – Neville Goddard

“I commune with Blake. We are separated by two hundred years but are so closely woven in the tapestry of time. I meet these characters that seemingly are so far back in the history of time, but they are not. Not to me. Night after night as I lie on my bed I am seeing what I shouldn’t see. Then I intensify a rhythm that I am feeling within me and off I go right into the scene and explore.”

“I see worlds just as solidly real as this one and I am teaching there. No matter where I go, I am always teaching, telling them the word of God. And they wait for me. I have crowds waiting for me. I go, teach them and then return here. No matter where I go I’m doing the work of God, for when he embraced me I was sent.” – Neville Goddard


Neville Goddard Quotes

Stop Time – Neville Goddard Quotes

neville_goddard_quote_stop_time“If I am still in the machine, I think the good things come only by accident or chance. Let the wheel turn, for each must go through all the furnaces until he awakens and sees the whole universe as infinite response. The day will come when every person, at a certain degree of awakening, will freeze an activity within himself, and as it comes to a stop within him, that whole section is DEAD.”

“The laws of nature are only free action, repeated until they become accepted as a law. Yet you will see leaves in mid-air not falling, and people moving in space will cease to move but will not fall, for as you stopped the action within yourself the whole thing stopped.”

“And you will see the whole thing as Zion – the desert – and the only thing that makes it alive is the stone buried in it. But man becomes lost in the things he has made and gives to them the power.” – Neville Goddard

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Source:  Neville Goddard’s – The Foundation Stone

Feel It Real Neville Goddard Quotes

There Are Levels and Levels of Imagination by Neville Goddard

feel it real - desire must be activated - neville goddard “All things are made by your imagination, for without imagining, nothing is made. Imagination is not limited to this level of consciousness. There are levels and levels of imagination, as your dreams and visions prove.”

“This world is sustained by Divine Imagining, which is human imagining on a higher level. Our imagination is keyed low, but we are called upon to exercise this power, to examine ourselves to see if we are keeping our faith.”

“On this level, faith is not complete until, through experiment, it becomes experience. Experiment with this statement: ‘Whatever you desire, believe you have received it and you will.’ (Mark 11) If faith is not complete until, through experiment it becomes experience, you must take an unseen objective and place it in an assemblage of mental states which would imply its fulfillment.”

“Then this desire must be activated by entering into its center, feeling its reality, and walking in the faith that it will happen. I tell you: in a way you could not devise, what you have assumed will come into your world.” – Neville Goddard


Source Lecture: Your Maker by Neville Goddard

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Hear Only The Lovely by Neville Goddard

neville_goddard_hear_lovelly“No matter what you hear of anyone, have no ears to hear it unless it is something lovely, for they are only discussing a state, and they are keeping that being in a state. Don’t listen. Pull everyone out, but don’t forget to pull yourself out.”

“Put yourself into the most glorious state of being successful, being wanted, being happy. You try it. I promise you it will not fail you.” – Neville Goddard

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Go to Source: You Can Forgive Sin by Neville Goddard

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Bridge of Incidents – Neville Goddard Quote

neville_goddard_feel_it_real_bridge_of_incidents“If you tell them it came to pass because you simply imagined it – no, they will point to the series of events that led up to it, and they will give credit to the bridge of incidents, across which you walked towards the fulfillment of that state, and they will point out some physical thing that was the cause. No, the cause is invisible, for the cause is God, and God is invisible to mortal eye.”

“Who knows what you are imagining? No one knows, but you can sit down and imagine, and no one can stop you from doing it, but can you give reality to the imagined state? If you do, yes, a bridge of incidents will appear in your world, and you’ll walk across some series of events leading up to the fulfillment of the imaginal state. But don’t give causation to any physical step that you took towards the fulfillment of it.” – Neville Goddard


This Neville Goddard Quote is from the lecture:

Live In The End

Neville Goddard Quotes out of this world

Cultivate Seeing The Invisible by Neville Goddard

neville goddard out of this world“There are two actual outlooks on the world possessed by every-one – a natural focus and a spiritual focus. The ancient teachers called the one ‘the carnal mind,’ the other ‘the mind of Christ’.  We may differentiate them as ordinary waking consciousness – governed by our senses, and a controlled imagination – governed by desire.”

“We recognize these two distinct centers of thought in the statement: “The natural man receiveth not the things of the spirit of God for they are foolishness unto him; neither can he know them for they are spiritually discerned”.”

“The natural view confines reality to the moment called now. To the natural view, the past and future are purely imaginary.”

“The spiritual view, on the other hand, sees the contents of time. It sees events as distinct and separated as objects in space. The past and future are a present whole to the spiritual view. What is mental and subjective to the natural man is concrete and objective to the spiritual man.”

“The habit of seeing only that which our senses permit, renders us totally blind to what we otherwise could see.”

“To cultivate the faculty of seeing the invisible, we should often deliberately disentangle our minds from the evidence of the senses and focus our attention on an invisible state, mentally feeling it and sensing it until it has all the distinctness of reality.”

Neville GoddardOut Of This World

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Feel It Real

Fixing Feel It Real Mistakes #1 – By Neville Goddard

how_to_feel_it_real_mistakes_neville_goddard“One of the greatest pitfalls in attempting to use the law of assumption is focusing your attention on things, on a new home, a better job, a bigger bank balance. This is not the righteousness without which you ‘die in your sins’.”

“Righteousness is not the thing itself; it is the consciousness, the feeling of already being the person you want to be, of already having the thing you desire.” – Neville Goddard

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Feel It Real

Judas or Jesus? Neville Goddard teaches how to Feel It Real

how to feel it real“The suicide of Judas is nothing more than changing your concept of yourself. When you know what you want to be you have found your Jesus or savior. When you assume that you are what you want to be – you have died to your former concept of self (Judas committed suicide) and are now living as Jesus.”

“You can become at will detached from the world round about you, and attached to that which you want to embody within your world… From this moment on you walk as though you were that which you formerly wanted to be. Remaining faithful to your new concept of yourself, you die or commit suicide. No one took your life, you laid it down yourself.”

 Neville Goddard – Core Lecture #2


Neville Goddard Quotes

Which US President Listened To Neville Goddard?

Neville Goddard Richard Nixon“Eight years ago when Nixon ran against Kennedy, a friend of mine sent Nixon my phonograph record – at which time he wrote the lady and thanked her for it, saying that it had been added to his library and that he would have many moments of joy listening to it.”

“That year he lost the election. Two years later Nixon lost his bid for governor of this state, but four years later his dream came true. I am quite sure, with his background of listening to his inner voice, that my record – which was on the law and the promise – sparked something in him.”

“On the record, I spoke of the difference between thinking of your desire and thinking from it. When you think from your desire’s fulfillment and sleep feeling as though it were true, it becomes a fact. This is a simple technique to get things in this world.”

“Nixon didn’t win by an enormous majority, but he won. I firmly believe he did not just listen to my record once, but played it many times. When you know exactly what you want, you are thinking of your desire. Turn your thoughts around and think from its fulfillment. You can think of what you want and desire it forever, keeping it always beyond your reach; but when you think from its possession, your desire is yours.” – Neville Goddard


Neville Goddard Quotes

Was Neville Goddard an Ascended Master?

neville goddard ascended master“There are no Ascended Masters. Banish this superstition. You will forever rise from one level of consciousness to another; in so doing, you manifest the ascended level, expressing this newly acquired consciousness. Consciousness being Lord and Master, you are the Master Magician conjuring that which you are now conscious of being.” – Neville Goddard


The source of this Neville Goddard quote is:

Your Faith is Your Fortune by Neville Goddard

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Neville Goddard’s Occupy The Desk Lesson – How To Feel It Real

how_to_feel_it_real_neville_goddard_desk_lesson“I ask you to test your imagination! Go all out and believe in what you have imagined. Do not try to influence anyone. Instead, put all of your energies into clarity of form.  If a certain desk designates that you are occupying a desired position, occupy that desk.”

“Enter into the image, and you will realize your vision. Sit in the chair behind that desk and view the room. Persist in thinking from that point of view. If you do not physically occupy that chair tomorrow, and begin to doubt, ask yourself: “What am I doing, remembering and not imagining?” Then return to your chair behind that desk!” – Neville Goddard Quote

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Source Lecture:  What Are You Doing – Neville Goddard

Neville Goddard Quotes

I Owned The World But Didn’t Know It – Neville Goddard Quote

how to feel it real“During that time I owned the world and didn’t know it. Everything was mine but no one told me about it. The world is yours for the taking but if you do not know it you can go hungry for want of a dollar. No one will hold your money in deposit for you or go out on the street and tell you of your investment.”

“Instead he will use it, and until you make the demand, he will not release it to you. You must claim it by appreciation. No one is going to force your desire upon you. Everything is yours for the taking. Appropriate your every desire by applying God’s law, just as this lady did in her wonderful telephone technique.” – Neville Goddard

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Source Lecture:

Test Youselelves

neville goddard quote

Change The Conversation – Change Your Life – How to Feel It Real

neville_goddard_feel_it_real_inner_conversations“So what are you saying at every moment of time? Watch it; be careful what you are saying, because your whole vast world is this inner conversation pushed out.”

“And you can change it only by changing the conversation, because the conversation is equated with your nature.” – Neville Goddard

How To End The Manifesting Roller Coaster And Manifest What You Want Every Single Time

Source Lecture for this Feel It Real Lesson

Control Your Inner Conversations – Mind and Speech – 1971 – Neville Goddard

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If Life Seems Too Hard To Bear – Read This – Neville Goddard’s Philosophy

neville_goddard_philosophy_feel_it_real“If you will accept this as your philosophy of life, and not turn to the left or the right, but claim you are solely responsible for the phenomena of your life, you will find it much easier to live.”

“But if, at times, life seems too hard to bear, and you find a secondary cause, you have created a devil. Devils and satans are formed from man’s unwillingness to assume the responsibility of his life.” – Neville Goddard

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Source lecture: Freedom by Neville Goddard

Feel It Real Manifesting Money

Feel It Real Neville Goddard Quotes

feel_it_real_neville_goddard_quote_knowingly“There is nothing God cannot do! Do not think that one who is fabulously rich has an influx of spirit which differs from yours. He is imagining wealth, either wittingly or unwittingly; but you can do it knowingly.”

“If he does not know what he is doing, he can lose his wealth and not know how to recover it. I am asking you, regardless of your financial situation, to assume wealth, knowingly.” – Neville Goddard

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This Feel It Real quote is from the lecture:

Persistent Assumption – 1968 – Neville Goddard

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How To Feel It Real – Neville Goddard’s Duck Story

neville_goddard_duck_story“Born in the little island of Barbados, we kept ducks and chickens for our own consumption. If mother wanted a pair of ducks for a Sunday dinner, ten days prior she would tell one of her nine sons to put a brace of ducks aside.”

“Now, our ducks were raised in the yard and fed on fish, which was cheap and plentiful – and not on corn, which had to be imported and was very expensive. We could buy a bucket of fish scraps for a penny, so we fed the chickens and ducks fish; consequently they smelled of and tasted like fish.”

“But if they were separated ten days or two weeks before you wanted them for dinner, and stuffed with corn and food of that nature, the entire texture of their flesh changed. During that interval of time however, they could not be given even a little bit of fish. They had to have a complete, radical change of diet.”

“If mother’s command was not remembered until perhaps four days before the meal everyone knew it, because when the birds were plucked and the heat began to express the birds, the entire neighborhood knew the Goddard’s were having fish for dinner, and no one could eat them. But if their diet was changed from fish to corn – and only corn for that interval of time – we had delicious ducks for dinner which tasted like ducks!”

“Now, although we are not ducks we do feed on ideas. Feed your mind a certain idea for one week and you will change its structure. Continue for two weeks and you will be well fed on lovely thoughts. You see, this is a fictitious world and you are its author. Nothing is impossible! It’s all fiction anyway, so live nobly and dream beautiful dreams; for you are all imagination, and your human imagination is the Lord God, Jesus – the Christ.” – Neville Goddard

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Neville Goddard Quotes

What did Neville Say The Greatest Talent is?

neville_goddard_forgiveness“So the greatest talent, the greatest challenge to overcome, is the art of forgiveness. By forgiveness I do not mean a verbal agreement, leaving the memory of what was forgiven.”

“To completely forgive I must completely forget the event. No matter what was said, if you forgive me you can’t even remember what I did or said.”

“Only willing to see what you want to see, if you persuade yourself that you are now what you want to be, you have forgotten what you were before. That’s forgiveness.” – Neville Goddard

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Source lecture:

Infinite States

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Your Dwelling Place – Neville Goddard Quotes

how_to_feel_it_real_dwelling_place“Are you thinking from the state you desire? Or is your dream just a passing fancy, a daydream you enjoyed for the moment and then dropped?”

“You can tell if you abide in your house of desire by watching your thoughts, for the state in which you most constantly return constitutes your dwelling place.”  – Neville Goddard

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This Neville Goddard Quote is from the lecture:

Christ In You


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Neville Goddard’s 4 Steps To Success

how_to_feel_it_real_lesson_neville_goddard_limits“I ask you to take me seriously. Imagination will fulfil itself, so do not limit yourself by anything that is now happening, no matter what it is.”

“Knowing what you want, conceive a scene which would imply you have it.”

“Persuade yourself of its truth and walk blindly on in that assumption.”

“Believe it is real. Believe it is true and it will come to pass. Imagination will not fail you if you dare to assume and persist in your assumption, for imagination will fulfill itself in what your life becomes.” – Neville Goddard

This Neville Goddard quote on how to Feel It Real is from the lecture:

Imagination Fulfils Itself

Did you notice the 5 steps to Feel It Real in this quote?

Take a moment, separate them out.  They will totally transform your world, because they are rock solid gold!