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Below is a list of common questions we get asked, and answers – many that are linked to articles to help you get the most from our site.

  1. Can I use abstract thoughts, positive thinking or goal setting, instead of imagination? – Neville states that imagination / consciousness is the only reality.   So we would ask, what is it that is using abstract thoughts, positive thinking or goal setting?   What is using them is the imagination.   A question well worth asking after realizing this is, “What is the most effective way for me to use my imagination – to experience the results in my life that I want?    
  2. Can I use a combination of the above? – Sure.  I personally see my day as done, as ideal – first thing in the morning.   I see the articles written, recordings made, changes in my home, garden and body for example.   Then I have in mind positive thoughts about all of that, “writing is easy, health is natural, fitness is fun, people are receptive”.   I also have plans / goals for the day.   “Write one article in the morning, write a bit on the next book in the afternoon, do my pushups and squats, and squeeze in some time for research, etc.”  
  3. How do I know the real feeling of something? For example, I have never been rich, so how or what does it feel to be rich? – Great question.   This is one reason why DOUBLING UP works so well.   So does sitting in the BMW that you choose to have as part of your life experience.  You can also make it a lot more personal, by asking the question, “How would I react to this situation, if I was the man / woman I choose to fully embody?”  You’ll notice that Neville often talks about your AIM being a “new you”, not just some thing to manifest.   Become “the rich man”, don’t just focus on manifesting millions.   “How would you think, feel, experience the world differently – if you accepted yourself as rich?”
  4. When I visualize, I often have no feelings, as I am often in a calm, indifferent state. What should I do? –  Start feeling.   Being NUMB is not the same as being detached.   In Neville’s teachings, Neville says that we need to be detached from two things – how and when.  How your ideal comes into the physical, and when.   If you detach yourself from “feeling”, it will most likely never happen.  Here is a bonus lesson, that will help you stop making one of the MAJOR MISTAKES people make, the mistake that makes it almost impossible to feel your ideal as real.   Major Mistake Corrections – with photos.
  5. I have a list of 20 things to manifest, most of which require immediate attention. What should I do, since Neville seems to concentrate on one thing at a time?  – Forget the concept of immediate attention.  That probably just adds in feelings of frantic or fear.  And if you see that Neville fully feels one thing as real at a time, follow in his footsteps.  Do what works, duplicate what other successful people do, do what Neville taught and did.
  6. How would you suggest that we study the teachings of Neville Goddard? Where should I begin? –  We have a great article on just that here:  Where do I begin – Click here.
  7. I have problems visualizing when I wake up in the morning ( because I lots of things to do before rushing to work ) , before sleeping at night ( I usually have insomnia which means I cannot sleep immediately after visualization) , thinking before sleeping keeps me awake, etc) , and when I am at work (the boss and colleagues would wonder why I am day-dreaming at work) . What should I do? – Sounds like your imagination is out of control.   Jacob wrestled with his angel – his imagination – until he won.   In PTSD FREE we share a series of thought experiments that helped me and that have helped many other people take control of their imagination back.   Try them.  If you click on the link for it above, you can read the introduction free.
  8. Are there documented reliable testimonials that indicate that Neville’s methods work? – Neville says prove it to yourself.  It’s easy to do, the problem is people will generally wait until they see proof.   Neville says to prove it to yourself, don’t wait for other people to prove it for you.   Side note:  There are quite a number of testimonial stories, scattered throughout the site here.  Some are on the first page of FreeNeville.com, others are on product pages, others in comments left on particular articles.
  9. Why do you take action on what you manifest?  Doesn’t Neville say to do NOTHING to make it happen? – This is a goodie.  Neville says do NOTHING to make it happen.  He doesn’t say do nothing.  Here is a great reader success story, that shows how to participate in your blessing becoming physical in your world.  READER SUCCESS STORY.  Remember, he saw himself as a great minister – and he actually got on stage and taught.  He saw himself out of the Army, but he still filled out the paperwork.  He wanted tickets to a sold out show for his brothers, so he went and stood in line for them – even though they were sold out.   He didn’t sit back and eat Cheetos, waiting for everything to work out.   His body – like yours – is part of the universe.  If you imagine effectively, you’ll find it fun to participate in doing what it takes for you to meet your miracle in the flesh.   There won’t be any forcing, there will be fun and excitement.
  10. What about life after death?  What were Neville’s views? – In our book FREEDOM, we explore a bit about this.  Neville encountered “dead people” in his life.   He often stated that they were either in their 20’s or about 20 years younger.   He said they didn’t remember dying, and that if he explained to them that they did, they thought he was a little nuts, because they aren’t dead.  Every mystic says we don’t die.  Every mystic says we are not our body, that we are consciousness, and that we live on.  Neville’s experience is the same as that.
  11. Should I put a date on what I am Nevillizing? – No.  If you follow Neville’s methods, you will feel your ideal as real NOW.  Remember, Neville taught that every vision has it’s own appointed hour, so putting a date on it is ATTACHING to the “how and when” – and it neutralizes you feeling it real NOW.  For more, read this:  Does Having a Date In Mind Block Your Blessing
  12. Imagine your question, answered here.   Email it to 2020@exhostage.com now.
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Below is a list of common questions we get asked, and answers - many that are linked to articles to help you get the most from our site....
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