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Neville Goddard’s Breathing Technique

“Now there’s a definite technique to it, a simple, simple technique. If I can share with you what I do and it works. I bring them into my mind’s eye and I work myself up into an emotional state. It’s like a peculiar rhythm: I breathe in and breathe out and breathe in and breathe out and suddenly I reach a certain point and then one deep inhalation as though I’m setting it up in a time exposure before my own mind. I set it up and then all of the sudden I have a deep, deep inhalation and every pore of my being explodes and then I do nothing beyond that.”

“It’s taking that scene and setting it up in a time exposure before the eternal event and then I explode it! And then let life develop it and life develops it. And then I get the call or I get the wire or I get a letter confirming that which I did and I do nothing to make it so. … I simply bring it to my mind’s eye what I want to see, see it clearly, explode it and then let it be. Now it could be tomorrow, it could be a month, it could be even years. I am not concerned. I have done it and that’s all that matters as far as I’m concerned. … There’s a time interval between that impregnation and the actual embodiment of that state. And I do not know the time intervals. … But I tell you, it works.”

“Let me once more try to explain this simple, simple technique. You will have to practice it and use your own rhythm. … You can be at home listening to nice music. You can be simply relaxing with a drink. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing or where you are but want to do it. Get into a lovely, quiet relaxed frame…. Wouldn’t it be wonder IF she actually had it? IF he had it? IF they had it? Oh so you know exactly what you want now.”

“And then you imagine you are seeing them. You can see them in your mind’s eye and see them vividly. And then breathe yourself into a rhythm. They’re telling you that they have it. And you’re getting yourself worked up emotionally because they’re telling you that they have exactly what you know they want in this world. And then you reach a certain point and you explode. Something actually goes out of you, its power.…”

“You work yourself up into a certain emotional state and then suddenly you explode and you feel everything go out. And you cannot repeat it. There’s no desire to repeat it. It was an actual psychic sexual act but there’s no physical act. There is no evidence of any physical act. But it’s the same thrill that you would were it a physical act. Work yourself right up into that state and then let it go. And do not raise one finger to make it so anymore then you would after impregnation. What can you do after pregnancy has taken place? Nothing. You leave it alone and let it take place in its own good time.”  — Neville Goddard  – Andrew

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neville goddard quote

I Go Right Into The Scene and Explore – Neville Goddard

“I commune with Blake. We are separated by two hundred years but are so closely woven in the tapestry of time. I meet these characters that seemingly are so far back in the history of time, but they are not. Not to me. Night after night as I lie on my bed I am seeing what I shouldn’t see. Then I intensify a rhythm that I am feeling within me and off I go right into the scene and explore.”

“I see worlds just as solidly real as this one and I am teaching there. No matter where I go, I am always teaching, telling them the word of God. And they wait for me. I have crowds waiting for me. I go, teach them and then return here. No matter where I go I’m doing the work of God, for when he embraced me I was sent.” – Neville Goddard


Neville Goddard Quotes

You Are God – Neville Goddard

stop believing in god start believing as god neville goddard“Do not be embarrassed when I tell you that you are God. Instead, walk believing you are that important. You don’t have to become arrogant, but you must assume you are God. Think about it! Stop believing in God and start believing as God. Do this and the visions will come to confirm your assumption.” – Neville Goddard

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Neville Goddard Quotes

Neville’s Secret Listening Method – by Neville Goddard

“If you take this technique and you try it consciously, for here I am appealing not to the passive mind that passively surrenders to appearances, I am appealing to the Christ in you which is the active conscious use of your lovely imagination.”

“So when you sit down and you predetermine what you want to hear and you listen until you hear it, and you refuse to hear anything other than that, then you are using the one power in the world that awakens a man and you are using your lovely imagination, which is “Christ in you, the hope of glory.” – Neville Goddard Three Propositions – 1954

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I Walked The Streets of Barbados – Neville Goddard Quote

“If there is one place in the world that is unlike my little island of Barbados, it is New York City. In Barbados the tallest building is three stories, and the streets are lined with palm trees and cocoanut trees and all sorts of tropical things. In New York City you must go to a park to find a tree.”

“Yet I had to walk the streets of New York as though I walked the streets of Barbados. To one’s imagination all things are possible. I walked, feeling that I was actually walking the streets of Barbados, and in that assumption I could almost smell the odor of the cocoanut lined lanes. I began to create within my mind’s eye the atmosphere I would physically encounter were I in Barbados.”

“As I remained faithful to this assumption, somebody canceled passage and I received it. My brother in Barbados, who never thought of my coming home, has the commanding urge to write me a strange letter. He had never dictated to me, but this time he dictated, and thought that he originated the idea of my visit.”

“I went home and had three heavenly months, returned lst Class, and brought back quite a sum of cash in my pocket, a gift. My trip, had I paid for it, would have been $3,000, yet I did it without a nickel in my pocket.” – Neville Goddard – Thinking Fourth Dimensionally 

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Eliminating Failure and Frustration by Neville Goddard

“The words of prophecy spoken of in the book of Revelation are your basic desires which must not be further conditioned. Man is constantly adding to and taking from these words. Not knowing that the basic desire contains the plan and power of expression man is always compromising and complicating his desire.  Here is an illustration of what man does to the word of prophecy – his desires.”

“Man desires freedom from his limitation or problem. The first thing he does after he defines his objective is to condition it upon something else. He begins to speculate on the manner of acquiring it. Not knowing that the thing desired has a way of expression all of its own he starts planning how he is going to get it, thereby adding to the word of God.”

“If, on the other hand, he has no plan or conception as to the fulfillment of his desire, then he compromises his desire by modifying it. He feels that if he will be satisfied with less than his basic desire, then he might have a better chance of realizing it. In doing so he takes from the word of God. Individuals and nations alike are constantly violating this law of their basic desire by plotting and planning the realization of their ambitions; they thereby add to the word of prophecy, or they compromise with their ideals, thus taking from the word of God.”

“The inevitable result is death and plagues or failure and frustration as promised for such violations.”

“God speaks to man only through the medium of his basic desires.” – Neville Goddard – Freedom for All



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How To Feel It Real – Go Within And…

how_to_feel_it_real_go_within“The whole vast world is a field to reap. You don’t pick out this woman or that woman. Pick out the state. I want to be blissfully happy, and if I were, how would I see the world? And how would the world see me?”

“Well, shut out the world and go within and appropriate that state. And from within, you let your friends see you, as they would have to see you if what now you are assuming that you are is really true.” – Neville Goddard

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Believe To The Point of Acceptance – Neville Goddard

“I know this much: if you believe to the point of acceptance, life will be marvelous for you, perfectly wonderful for this is the one secret in the world that everyone should aspire to solve, for God is that pure imaging in ourselves. He underlies all of our faculties including our perception, but he streams into our surface mind least disguised in the form of productive fantasy.”

“I sit here and have a daydream. Well, that’s God in action, but then someone breaks it and I forget it. I didn’t occupy it; I simply had a daydream but without occupancy.”

“That’s one of the greatest fallacies of the world, ‘perpetual construction’. It’s a daydream, deferred occupancy. I don’t occupy it, I don’t go in and possess it and make it mine. If I, in my Imagination, could go right in and possess it and make it mine…”

“If I, in my Imagination, could go right in and possess it and clothe myself with the feeling of the wish fulfilled, actually clothe myself with it by assuming that it’s done now, until I feel natural in that assumption and that assumption though at the moment denied by my senses, if persisted in will harden into fact.”


Feel It Real Neville Goddard Quotes

How To Feel It Real – Self Persuasion

how_to_feel_it_real_self_persuasion_neville_goddard“The secret is to imagine to the point of self-persuasion. Can you believe what you are imagining?”

“There are not two of you – you and Imagination! You are not reshaping a piece of pottery when you imagine, but yourself!”

“You are moving into your desire. If you persist until you see exactly what you want to see, fix your position with the glue of feeling and remain there – it will be reflected on the screen of space, just as your world is now reflecting the fixed state from which you are viewing it.” – Neville Goddard



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Neville Goddard Quotes

Stop Time – Neville Goddard Quotes

neville_goddard_quote_stop_time“If I am still in the machine, I think the good things come only by accident or chance. Let the wheel turn, for each must go through all the furnaces until he awakens and sees the whole universe as infinite response. The day will come when every person, at a certain degree of awakening, will freeze an activity within himself, and as it comes to a stop within him, that whole section is DEAD.”

“The laws of nature are only free action, repeated until they become accepted as a law. Yet you will see leaves in mid-air not falling, and people moving in space will cease to move but will not fall, for as you stopped the action within yourself the whole thing stopped.”

“And you will see the whole thing as Zion – the desert – and the only thing that makes it alive is the stone buried in it. But man becomes lost in the things he has made and gives to them the power.” – Neville Goddard

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Source:  Neville Goddard’s – The Foundation Stone

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Neville’s Secret Feel It Real Power

how_to_feel_it_real_yeilding“Want what you want and yield to it and create it. Then you will want higher and higher things. But nothing blesses a man unless it comes down from its heavenly state and takes on flesh.”

“You are the only one who can clothe it in reality. But it remains a state unless you yield to it.” – Neville Goddard

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The Art of Dying

How To Feel It Real

I Remember When by Neville Goddard

i remember when by neville goddard“Start now to remember when your friend wasn’t well by imagining he is healthy. Remember when your daughter was single by imagining she is married. Go through life remembering when. Haven’t you heard people say: ‘Who does he think he is? I remember when he had nothing and was a nobody!’ Now, you may have heard a little jealousy in their tone and that is good because envy adds fire to the statement, which causes the one spoken of to have more! He may never know who caused his success, but it was done by an act of remembrance with intensity.” – Neville Goddard

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Source Lecture:  I Remember When – 1968 – Neville Goddard 

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If Any Two Agree by Neville Goddard

if any two agree neville goddard“This agreement is never made between two persons. It is between the awareness and the thing desired. You are now conscious of being, so you are actually saying to yourself, WITHOUT using words, “I AM.” Now, if it is a state of health that you are desirous of attaining, before you have any evidence of health in your world, you begin to FEEL yourself to be healthy.”

“And the very second the FEELING “I AM healthy” is attained the two have agreed. That is, I AM and health have agreed to be one and this agreement ever results in the birth of a child which is the thing agreed upon – in this case, health.” – Neville Goddard

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Source: At Your Command By Neville Goddard

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The Golden Rule #2 by Neville Goddard

neville goddard the golden rule“This warning was given to man in the famous Golden Rule – “Do unto others that which you would have them do unto you.” You may desire something for yourself or you may desire for another.”

“If your desire concerns another make sure that the thing desired is acceptable to that other. The reason for this warning is that your consciousness is God, the giver of all gifts. Therefore, that which you feel and believe to be true of another is a gift you have given him. The gift that is not accepted returns to the giver.” – Neville Goddard

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Source:  Freedom For All by Neville Goddard

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There Are Levels and Levels of Imagination by Neville Goddard

feel it real - desire must be activated - neville goddard “All things are made by your imagination, for without imagining, nothing is made. Imagination is not limited to this level of consciousness. There are levels and levels of imagination, as your dreams and visions prove.”

“This world is sustained by Divine Imagining, which is human imagining on a higher level. Our imagination is keyed low, but we are called upon to exercise this power, to examine ourselves to see if we are keeping our faith.”

“On this level, faith is not complete until, through experiment, it becomes experience. Experiment with this statement: ‘Whatever you desire, believe you have received it and you will.’ (Mark 11) If faith is not complete until, through experiment it becomes experience, you must take an unseen objective and place it in an assemblage of mental states which would imply its fulfillment.”

“Then this desire must be activated by entering into its center, feeling its reality, and walking in the faith that it will happen. I tell you: in a way you could not devise, what you have assumed will come into your world.” – Neville Goddard


Source Lecture: Your Maker by Neville Goddard

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Feel It Real – Pearl of Great Price

feel_it_real_pearl_of_great_price_neville_goddard“If you think for one moment you can hold on to one little thing in the event this doesn’t work, you can’t buy the pearl. And so when I buy the pearl, I go all out and live by it. And there is no other being in this world, just this pearl, and I live by it.  This pearl is your own wonderful human Imagination.” – Neville Goddard

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Destiny and Neville Goddard

“Many persons, myself included, have observed events before they occurred; that is, before they occurred in this world of three dimensions. Since man can observe an event before it occurs in the three dimensions of space, then life on earth proceeds according to plan; and this plan must exist elsewhere in another dimension and is slowly moving through our space.”

“If the occurring events were not in this world when they were observed, then to be perfectly logical they must have been out of this world. And whatever is THERE to be seen before it occurs HERE must be “pre-determined” from the point of view of man awake in a three-dimensional world. Yet the ancient teachers taught us that we could alter the future, and my own experience confirms the truth of their teaching.”

“Therefore, my object in giving this course is to indicate possibilities inherent in man, to show that man can alter his: future; but, thus altered, it forms again a deterministic sequence starting from the point of interference — a future that will be consistent with the alteration.”

“The most remarkable feature of man’s future is its flexibility. The future, although prepared in advance in every detail, has several outcomes. We have at every moment of our lives the choice before us which of several futures we will have.” – Neville Goddard

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Source: Remain Faithful To Your Idea

Feel It Real

Simply Dare To Assume by Neville Goddard

simply dare to assume“Can you believe in this one and only foundation? If the word Jesus Christ offends you, use another. I love the word because I know its meaning. Jesus Christ is the power and the wisdom of God who is your own wonderful imagination.”

“Dare to assume that you have your desire. You may feel you do not have the wisdom to find the means to get it, but you do. If it takes one thousand or ten thousand people to play their parts to bring you into the embodiment of what you have assumed you are, they will play their parts, knowingly or unknowingly.”

“You don’t have to be concerned as to who is going to aid you. Simply dare to assume you are what you want to be, and you will compel everyone to play their part to bring about your assumption. That is life.” – Neville Goddard


Source: No Other Foundation by Neville Goddard

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Your Divine Purpose by Neville Goddard

“Start now to mold every being in your world into the form of love. But love, divided from imagination, is eternal death. If you do not know you are dealing with a state, you can love someone dearly yet keep him forever in an unlovely state. But you can take him out by the use of your imagination. We are here in this world of experience for a divine purpose: to know imagination.”

“The world is dead but you can begin now to overcome the last enemy of the world – the enemy of death – by imagining your friend is noble, wanted, and loved, and watch him become it. Save your friend from the state of poverty and you are saving yourself! Don’t be concerned as to how and when it will happen; it will happen, for the world is yours and all within it.” – Neville Goddard – The Cup of Experience

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The Golden Rule by Neville Goddard

When man discovers this law of one consciousness he will understand the great wisdom of the golden Rule and so he will live by it and prove to himself that the kingdom of heaven is on earth.  You will realize why you should. ‘do unto others that which you would have them do unto you.'”

“You will know why you should live by this Golden Rule because you will discover that it is just good common sense to do so since the rule is based upon life’s changeless law and is no respecter of persons. Consciousness is the one and only reality.”

“The world and all within it are states of consciousness objectified. Your world is defined by your conception of yourself PLUS YOUR CONCEPTIONS OF OTHERS which are not their conceptions of themselves.” – Neville Goddard


Source:  Neville Goddard – Freedom For All – Chapter 7