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The Secret of Belief Matching by Neville Goddard

neville goddard belief matching and feel it real“All that you could ever desire is already present and only waits to be matched by your beliefs.  But it must be matched, for that is the necessary condition by which alone it can be activated and objectified.”

“Matching the beliefs of a state is the seeking that finds, the knocking to which it is opened, the asking that receives [Matthew 7:8; Luke 11:10].  Go in and possess the land [Exodus 6:4;8].”

“The moment man matches the beliefs of any state, he fuses with it, and this union results in the activation and projection of its plots, plans, dramas, and situations.” – Neville Goddard

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Neville Goddard – Awakened Imagination

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How To Feel It Real Faster – Do You Have The Sense Neville Says You Need?

how_to_feel_it_real_abundant_life_neville_goddard“The one requisite is to arouse your attention in a way, and to such intensity, that you become wholly absorbed in the revised action. You will experience an expansion and refinement of the senses by this imaginative exercise and, eventually, achieve vision in the inner world.”

“The abundant life promised us is ours to enjoy now, but not until we have the sense of the creator as our imagination can we experience it. ” – Neville Goddard

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How To Use Your Imagination

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I Once Imagined Something – But It Never Happenened.

neville_goddard_feel_it_real_i_am“Many times I have heard someone say: “I believe that imagining creates reality, but I once imagined something and it never came to pass.” Then I ask: “What are you doing, saying: ‘I once imagined it’ and not imagining it now?’ For God’s name is I am, not I did!”

“Always thinking of God as someone outside of himself, man finds it difficult to keep the tense, but God is the human imagination and there is no other God.”  – Neville Goddard

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What Are You Doing

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Feel It Real – Speed Up Manifesting

how_to_feel_it_real_neville_goddard_plow“Do not be concerned with the how, and do not look back on your former state. ‘No man, having put his hand to the plow, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God.’ Simply assume that it is done and suspend reason, suspend all the arguments of the conscious three-dimensional mind.”

“Your desire is outside of the reach of the three-dimensional mind. Assume you are that which you wish to be; walk as though you were it; and as you remain faithful to your assumption — it will harden into fact.” – Neville Goddard

This Feel It Real quote is from:

The 1948 Neville Goddard Lecture Series #5 – Remain Faithful To Your Ideal

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How To Feel It Real – Aroused Interest

feel_it_real_quote_neville_goddard_only_one_causeNeville Goddard was asked: “Can an uneducated person educate himself by assuming the feeling of being educated?”

Answer: “Yes. An aroused interest is awarded information from every side. You must sincerely desire to be well schooled. The desire to be well read, followed by the assumption that you are, makes you selective in your reading. As you progress in your education, you automatically become more selective, more discriminating in all that you do.” – Neville Goddard

This Neville Goddard quote is from the 1948 Core Lectures – Questions and Answers

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Neville Goddard Quotes The Power Of Awareness

Neville Goddard Quotes on Speed

neville_goddard_power_of_awareness_quote“The time it takes your assumption to become fact, your desire to be fulfilled, is directly proportionate to the naturalness of your feeling of already being what you want to be – of already having what you desire.  The fact that it does not feel natural to you to be what you imagine yourself to be is the secret of your failure.”

“Regardless of your desire, regardless of how faithfully and intelligently you follow the law, if you do not feel natural about what you want to be, you will not be it. If it does not feel natural to you to get a better job, you will not get a better job.” – Neville Goddard

This Feel It Real quote is from The Power of Awareness.

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Detachment – Neville Goddard Quote

kitchen_window“The purpose of practicing detachment is to separate us from our present reactions to life and attach us to our aim in life.” 

“This inner separation must be developed by practice. At first we seem to have no power to separate ourselves from undesirable inner states, simply because we have always taken every mood, every reaction, as natural and have become identified with them.”

“When we have no idea that our reactions are only states of consciousness from which it is possible to separate ourselves, we go round and round in the same circle of problems – not seeing them as inner states but as outer situations.”

“We practice detachment, or inner separation, that we may escape from the circle of our habitual reactions to life. That is why we must formulate an aim and constantly notice ourselves in regard to that aim.” – Neville Goddard

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How To Feel It Real – Drench Yourself

feel_it_real_quote_neville_goddard_nail_it“Choose an image you would like to express. Feel you are that image. So appropriate it that it must come forth in your world of shadows. Do that and you are praying, for prayer is your own wonderful human imagination, drenched with feeling. I could tell you story after story after story of those who have drenched themselves with the feeling of having their desire, and getting it.”

“Feel the wedding ring, if that is your desire. Feel the thrill of applause, or the joy of a child in your arms. Anything is possible if you can feel it; but if you are going to use reason it will never happen, because failure becomes your image. You don’t realize it but there are two of you, and it is your deeper self that tells you it can’t happen. But no real belief can ever be suppressed for long, for your inward conviction must find some external objective habitation, and it will.” – Neville Goddard

This Neville Goddard quote is from the lecture:

The Artist is God

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You Attract Your Secret Self – Neville Goddard Quote

emmett_comfy_holiday“Your description of the world is a confession of the self that you do not know. You describe another, you describe society, you describe anything, and your description of the thing you observe reveals to one who knows this law the being you really are. So you must first accept that self. When that self is accepted, then you can start to change.” – Neville Goddard

This Neville Goddard Quote is from the lecture:

Changing The Feeling of I

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The Difference That Makes The Difference – Neville Goddard Quotes

rosie_red_white“In my imagination, I go and prepare the state. I actually go into the state and fill that state with my own being, and view the world from that state.”

“I don’t think of it; I think from it. When I think from it, I’m actually preparing that state.” ~Neville Goddard

This Neville Goddard Quote is from the lecture:

Catch The Mood