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how_feel_it_real_works_neville_goddard“So, all of a sudden, things will happen based upon what you are. You don’t have to will it. No, people are always trying to will things into being. It is not done willfully, nor even carefully. People gather around themselves everything, and they call themselves ‘careful operators. – taking advantage of. No! It is simply the core of integrity.”

“You come right down to: ‘Am I really that? Am I really serious?’ Well, if I am serious, I should see it all day long as I walk the earth. My friends know me as I am now. Any change in me, they will see the change; they will hear it through the grapevine, if suddenly something happens to Neville.”

“Whatever happens, one friend will tell another friend, and the other will tell another, and then finally they all will become aware of changes in me. Well now, let the change take place in me first, that I may see them in my mind’s eye.” – Neville Goddard

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Predestined Glory by Neville Goddard

Feel It Real Help With Manifesting

Neville Goddard Feel It Real Quotes

neville_goddard_feel_it_real_quote_2015“That is why we insist on establishing the basis of the Bible as Adam slept. That is the first creative act, and there is no record where he was ever awakened from this profound sleep. While he sleeps creation stops.”

“You change your future best when you are in control of your thoughts while in a state akin to sleep, for then effort is reduced to its minimum.”

“Your attention seems to completely relax, and then you must practice holding your attention within that feeling, without using force, and without using effort.” – Neville Goddard

This Feel It Real quote comes from the Neville Goddard Lecture: Assumptions Harden Into Fact

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Neville Goddard How To Feel It Real

neville_goddard_how_to_feel_it_real_lack_vanish“All things exist in the human imagination, and all phenomena are solely produced by imagining.”

“Where there is no imagining, everything vanishes. If lack is now in your world, and you cease to be aware of it by imagining plenty, lack disappears; therefore, any modification in your body of belief will cause a change in your life.”  – Neville Goddard

This Feel It Real quote is from the lecture:

Eternal States by Neville Goddard

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How To Feel It Real – Enter Into The Spirit

how_to_feel_it_real_neville_goddard_know_it“I ask you to use this power called the law. Simply determine what you want and imagine a scene which would imply you have realized it. Enter into the spirit of the scene.”

“Participate in it by giving it sensory vividness. Then relax as you feel its reality. Don’t consider the means. Know your desire is already an accomplished fact and you are now reveling in it. Then have faith, for faith is loyalty to your unseen reality.”

“Your imaginal act, although unseen, is reality for God did it. If I asked you who is imagining it, you would respond: “I am” and that is God’s name forever and forever.  Learn to live in your imagination morning, noon, and night.”  – Neville Goddard

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Neville Goddard – The Power Called The Law

Neville Goddard Quotes

The Day You Stop Believing – Feel It Real

feel_it_real_neville_goddard_quote_fade“You must believe you are the one you would like to be, or you will never become it. Rather, you will remain what you believe yourself to be right now. Your belief is always externalizing itself on the screen of space. It has to, for it is in you and not out there.”

“When your belief becomes a fact and appears solidly real on the outside, it is because it is supported by you on the inside. The day you cease to believe in it, it will fade, for everything must be built on the foundation of belief. I believe I am a success.”

“I will remain a success only to the extent that I continue to believe I am. The day I stop believing, failure enters and success fades.” – Neville Goddard

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Neville Goddard – The Source PDF Lecture

Neville Goddard Quotes

Feel It Real – Touched by Feeling

how_to_feel_it_real_how_it_works“Imagination truly creates out of nothing! Thoughts call forth a thing that is not seen, as though it were happening. This is accomplished by an imaginal concept touched by feeling.” – Neville Goddard

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The source of this Feel It Real lesson is:

Anything You Want – Neville Goddard – 1968

Feel It Real Help With Manifesting

How To Feel It Real – Control Attention

feel_it_real_quote_neville_goddard_everyone_free“As man begins to awaken he controls and takes over, and is no longer a victim of his vision, so he has control of his attention. Everyone is free to create his world as he wants it – if he knows that the whole thing is responding to him.” – Neville Goddard

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Source: Neville Goddard – The Law

Feel It Real Neville Goddard Quotes

The Gift Of Life – Feel It Real

neville_goddard_feel_it_real_quote“In the beginning you promised that you would take the consequences of your imaginal acts, good, bad or indifferent. And you can try from now until the end of time to change the outside, but only when you change your way of thinking can you change your world.”

“Give a man something on the outside to support him and you have conditioned his world and he will curse you when you stop it. But show him how to use his imagination to attract what he wants and you have given him the gift of life.”

This Feel It Real quote is from:

Prophetic Sketches by Neville Goddard

Feel It Real Neville Goddard Quotes

It Will Be Fulfilled – Neville Goddard Quotes

neville_goddard_quote_exercise_your_power“So learn to exercise your creative power by applying the law, for you may have anything you want! You want to be wealthy, you may have it.”

“You want to be known, you may have that too. Anything you want you may have, when it comes to God’s promise – it will be fulfilled.” -Neville Goddard

This Feel It Real quote is from the 1967 Neville Goddard lecture: Have you Found Him?

Feel It Real Neville Goddard Quotes

Reverse Your Thinking – Feel It Real

feel_it_real_reverse_your_thinking“You and I actually became human, that humanity may become spirit – as we are! You are not a little worm that God became. You were God before you devised the grand experiment, knowing it was the only way that man could become as you are!”

“Reverse your thinking!  Think of yourself as God and you will have an entirely different feeling about becoming man. Although certain passages of scripture are not understood on this level, their meaning will be revealed, for we made everything because we loved it.”

“Then we became man to raise and glorify our creations. We had to completely forget our true being in order to assume our creation and raise it to our level.”

This Feel It Real Quote is from:

God Became Man – Lecture by Neville Goddard

Feel It Real Neville Goddard Quotes

How To Feel It Real – Neville Goddard

how_to_feel_it_real_neville_goddard_prove_it“Prove to yourself that you are God by feeling your desire is now an accomplished fact. Listen to your friends talk about you. Are they rejoicing because of your good fortune, or are they expressing envy?”

“Imagine their words are true. Persist in imagining they are true. Continue to imagine your desire is already an accomplished fact; and when it is objectively realized, proof will be yours.” – Neville Goddard

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This Feel It Real quote is from the lecture:

Persistent Assumption by Neville Goddard

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Neville Goddard Quotes – Don’t Condemn Yourself

feel_it_real_quote_neville_goddard_move_into_anoter“Don’t condemn yourself for the state into which you have fallen. If you don’t like it move into another. Don’t feel sorry for yourself, for if you do you will make the state a habit and remain there for the rest of your days on earth. Instead, you can believe this doctrine and move out of any state.” – Neville Goddard

This Feel It Real quote is from:

The Neville Goddard Lecture Infinite States

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Feel It Real Quotes From Neville

feel_it_real_quote_neville_goddard_wisdom“Tomorrow you may be carried away with the news of the day. Although it may be very exciting, it is not important. What someone did, does not matter, and the reason it was done should not interest you.”

“Rather you should be interested in the collective sayings of the wise, all found in scripture and given to you by one Shepherd. Dwell upon the words recorded there and try to find out what is being said.” – Neville Goddard

This Feel It Real quote is from:

The Light of The World – Neville Goddard Lecture – 1969

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Feel It Real – Telephone Technique

neville_goddard_telephone_technique“I have found my telephone technique infallible. It never fails me. One day a friend called to tell me she wanted to take an examination to become a court reporter. Giving me nine reasons why she could never pass the test, I changed every one as I heard it, and when the conversation was finished I imagined an entirely different one.”

“I heard her tell me she had passed the test with flying colors. My friend took the test, and although during the interval of six weeks she remained negative, I continued to believe she had passed.”

“Then one day she called, saying: ‘Do you remember when I took the test?’ and I replied: ‘Yes, and you passed.’ Then she said: ‘Yes, but aren’t you surprised?’ I have been trying to tell her that imagining creates reality, but she cannot understand how an imaginal act unseen by the human senses can be held onto and produce results, but I know it always does!” – Neville Goddard

This Feel It Real quote on Neville Goddard’s telephone technique is from the lecture:

Test Yourselves – Neville Goddard

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Neville Goddard’s Telephone Technique


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Feel It Real Quotes – The Creative Act

neville_goddard_feel_it_real_prayer_quotes“When you pray believe that you have received, and you shall receive.  When the physical creative act is completed, the sinew which is upon the hollow of man’s thigh shrinks, and man finds himself impotent or is halted.”

“In like manner when a man prays successfully he believes that he is already that which he desired to be, therefore he cannot continue desiring to be that which he is already conscious of being. At the moment of satisfaction, physical and psychological, something goes out which in time bears witness to man’s creative power.”  – Neville Goddard

This Feel it Real quote is from:

The 1948 Core Lectures of Neville Goddard – #1 Consciousness Is The Only Reality

It shows the massive difference between the teachings of Neville Goddard (The Godfather of Manifesting and Mentor of Wayne Dyer) and everyone else.   A great example is here:  The Creative Act Vs Fake It Till You Make it.

Feel It Real Help With Manifesting

Feel It Real – Walk in Faith

feel_it_real_quote_walk_faithful“Walking faithful to my appropriated state I gradually become it. If I Disentangle myself from that state, eventually, I cease to be it, for that which requires a state of consciousness to embody itself cannot be embodied without such a state of consciousness.” Neville Goddard

This Feel It Real quote is from the lecture:

Feed My Sheep by Neville Goddard

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Feeling Is The Secret – Feel It Real Quote

feel_it_reel_feel_deelpy_neville_goddard_quote“What you feel deeply is far more important than what you are thinking. You may think about doing something for a long time and never do it, but when you feel something deeply you are spurred to act – and God acts!”

“He who is the cause of all life acts through the sense of feeling. You can think of a thousand things, yet not be moved to act upon one of them. A deep conviction – felt, is far more important than anything you could ever think.” – Neville Goddard

This Feel It Real quote is from the Neville Goddard lecture FEEL DEEPLY – 1969

Feel It Real

Feel It Real Quotes by Neville Goddard

feel_it_real_neville_goddard_quotes_believe“Believe in the reality of your own imaginal acts, for faith is loyalty to unseen reality. Have faith in your imaginal act. Although unseen by the outer world as an external fact, your loyalty to its unseen reality will cause the unseen to become seen by the world.”

“This is the practical side of this night. You and I can lift the cross from our own shoulders; for as I lift your cross I am lifting mine, and in a way I do not know the burden is lifted from me.” – Neville Goddard

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This Feel It Real quote is from the lecture

Bear Ye One Another’s Burdens – 1969 – Neville Goddard


Feel It Real neville goddard quote

Feel It Real Quotes Neville Goddard

feel_it_real_quote_neville_goddard_roses“While sitting in her chair she embraced a large bunch of roses. She smelled them, felt their velvety petals, and saw their beauty in her mind’s eye. Then, breaking the silence she left my meeting and returned to her hotel room at the Waldorf Astoria.”

“The next day the queen mother, Queen Elizabeth, was given a party at the Waldorf Astoria, with two thousand people in attendance. After the reception the maitre d’, not wanting to discard the flowers there, instructed his men to take three dozen roses up to this lady’s room. And when she came home that evening, all she could smell were those lovely roses.”

“She had embraced and lost herself in the feeling of the possession of beautiful roses. She walked by faith and not by sight, and the next day her room was filled with the heavenly aroma of roses.” – Neville Goddard

This Feel It Real quote is from:

Walk By Faith – Neville Goddard Lecture – 1967

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Revision Quotes by Neville Goddard

feel_it_real_quotes_neville_goddard_revision“If, for instance, you had gone to an interview for a job you truly wanted but later learned that someone else was hired, you can revise that news to make it conform to what you wish you had heard. If you react by feeling depressed or assume any other negative attitude, you will then experience the same type of rejection in the future.” – Neville Goddard

This Feel It Real quote on Revision is from the lecture:


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