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neville goddard success story“I know a lady in New York City who – as a combination seamstress and designer – was not earning much, and wanted not only to have a better income, but to do more designing than sewing. When she discussed this with me and told me the amount of money she wanted to make, I urged her not to limit herself asking: ‘Would you like to supervise those who do the sewing, as well as doing the designing?’ And when she told me she would love that, I urged her to write down the amount of money she would like to make, deduct her taxes, and determine the balance.”

“Figuring it out to the penny and believing she would be paid in cash, this lady felt the envelope containing the bills and coins she would receive. Shaking the envelope, she heard the change rattle. Then she tore off the end of the envelope and let the money fall on the table, pulled out the bills and smelled them. (Do you know you can smell money? It has an odor of its very own, like nothing else). Then this lady counted the money, down to the very penny.”

“The next day, while in her room at a hotel on 34th street, her telephone rang and she was advised that a gentleman was downstairs and wanted to see her. She had never met this man before, but knew his reputation, and certainly never dreamed of him calling her. But she met him in the lobby, where they discussed business on the terms that she would be more and more the designer and less and less the seamstress. She then named the salary that we had discussed, and when he agreed, she promised to start working for him the following Monday. One week later, when she opened her envelope, she counted her money out to the very penny she had imagined only a week before. Now, how can you call that coincidence?” – Neville Goddard

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neville_goddard_success_story_hat“Ann was a member of the world’s oldest profession, that of being a lady of the evening. She often came to my meetings, but this day we met on the corner of Broadway and 72nd Street, where she told me this story. One day, while walking by a hat shop, she fell in love with a beautiful hat in its window with a price tag indicating a cost of $17.50.”

“Wanting it so much, she decided to apply this principle, so in her imagination she placed the hat on her head, and as she walked up Broadway she felt the hat on her head. She would not look in a store window and be disillusioned, and when she arrived home she imagined taking off the hat and placing it on the top shelf before looking in the mirror.”

“Ten days later a friend called and invited her to lunch. When she arrived, the friend handed her a hat box, saying: “I don’t know what possessed me, but I bought this hat and when I brought it home I realized I had made a mistake. I do not like it on me but I think it would look lovely on you, Ann.” Opening the box she reached in and brought out – not a hat, but the hat.”

“Then Ann said to me: “Why didn’t God give me the money to buy the hat, instead of giving it to me through a friend?” I asked her if she felt obligated to her friend, and when she shook her head, No, I asked how much she usually paid for a hat. When she told me $4 or $5, I asked if she had ever purchased a $17 hat before. Again the answer was No, and when she admitted to owing two weeks’ rent, I said: “If while admiring the hat you found a hundred dollar bill on the sidewalk, would you have bought the hat? I’ll answer for you, no you would not.”

“You would have paid your rent and perhaps bought some groceries, but you would not have purchased the hat. Tell me Ann, how much money must God give you to get you to buy a $17 hat? If he gave you a thousand dollars you wouldn’t have bought it, for you are not in the habit of buying such expensive hats, so God knows best how to give you the hat you desired.”


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Rare Neville Goddard Quote – Opera Tickets

feel_it_real_quote_walk_faithfulAbout 8 years ago I was in New York for a month and two of my brothers, Victor and Laurence, came up and spent two weeks with me in New York City, they checked into the same hotel. They wanted to see everything they could within 2 weeks and I bought them 14 shows and sometimes they went even to an afternoon show, they wanted to see everything in the crowded two weeks. But the one thing my brother Laurence wanted to see was the new presentation of Aida.

Well the newspapers said it was sold out from the very moment that it was stated a new presentation, same music naturally, the same score, but new scenery, something new about it. And this captured the imagination of all opera lovers and they all wanted to see Aida.

We got there and huge big signs on the outside, no seats for Aida available and they were plastered all over the Metropolitan. I went in and there were 3 lines leading to the 3 windows selling tickets for the entire season and there was no seats for Aida. I got into the first line. It was a very long line, then I saw the third line from me moving more rapidly than the first and the second so I moved over to that line.

Then they all moved rapidly forward as we got to the window and seemingly no hope of getting tickets, but before I left my hotel room I simply assumed that I had the tickets for my 2 brothers. I didn’t want to go, they wanted to see it so I assumed that I gave them the tickets. I got into this line and it moved rapidly towards the window as we got there, to the window, a tall blonde man, he was about oh he must have been about 6, I’m 5’11, he must have been about 6’4.

He stretched his hand up over my head and diverted the ticket seller as he asked the question, why one in front of me is buying, it’s not for Aida for that’s completely sold out, he is buying 2 other seats from some other opera. Then he departed after he diverted the man’s attention. This man pushed on some bills under the window and then as the teller looked at the money, and this man is at the door now, the tall, tall blonde fellow. And he gave this man the ticket and then suddenly he said, well he only gave me 3 dollars he should have given me, and he mentioned the money he should have given me.

At that he was bewildered. The teller, was bewildered. I turned around and I screamed at that tall blonde, I said, “Sir”. I screamed so loudly he couldn’t stop but be attentive, he turned around I said, “Come back here you’re wanted.” He came back like a little child being led by the nose, he came back and he said, “What’s wrong?” And the man said, “This is all that he gave me, 2 one dollar bills”. He said, “Oh no he didn’t, he gave you your change.” I said, “No you didn’t I was standing right here. I saw what you did. You gave 2 one dollar bills, that’s all that you gave him.”

The man was flabbergasted. He was so completely dumbfounded he didn’t know what to do. I said, “I am standing here, I saw exactly what was done.” Then he opened up his purse and there was a stack of ones and he had a 20 dollar bill and 2 tens. He said to the man, “When will you discover your mistake that I gave you 2 tens?” And the man said to him, “At the end of the season.” And with that it was closed and the man then took out the money and paid for the ticket and took back his 2 ones.

Then I said to him “I want 2 seats for Aida tonight and I want them in the horseshoe circle. I want them center.” He said, “Yes Sir,” and he took from what he called the VIP, they always keep a few out, when the house is sold out they always keep a few seats for those who are coming called the very important people. I am certainly not a very important person, but I saved him from the loss of 20 dollars and he quickly took the 2 seats out and said to me,”20 dollars.” I gave him the 20 dollars, went back and gave the 2 seats to my brothers.

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