Feel It Real Help With Manifesting

How To Feel It Real – It’s The Doing

how_to_feel_it_real_negative_conversation“So I ask you to really apply it. Don’t think for one second that knowing what to do is going to do anything for you. It’s the doing it that matters. So, if every moment of time you know what to do, then do it.”

“If you find yourself carrying on any negative conversation, break it, even though it gives you pleasure, as it does many people; they find such fun in being critical. They think they are alone and no one sees them; so it doesn’t matter.”

“No one sees you? The only One that matters sees you every moment of time, and that’s your Father. He sees into the very depths of your Being, and He knows exactly what you are doing. And your world is built out of these inner conversations.” – Neville Goddard

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Control Your Inner Conversations – Mind and Speech – Neville Goddard

Feel It Real

Feel It Real Method of Neville Goddard

feel_it_real_method_neville_goddard“The first step in changing the future is DESIRE, that is, define your objective — know definitely what you want.”

“Secondly, construct an event which you. believe you would encounter FOLLOWING the fulfillment of your desire — an event which implies fulfillment of your desire — something which will have the action of Self predominant.”

“Thirdly, immobilize the physical body, and induce a condition akin to sleep by imagining that you are sleepy. Lie on a bed, or relax in a chair. Then, with eyelids closed and your attention focused on the action you intend to experience in imagination, mentally feel yourself right into the proposed action; imagining all the while that you are actually performing the action here and. now.”

“You must always participate in the imaginary action; not merely stand back and look on, but feel that you are actually performing the action so that the imaginary sensation is real to you.” – Neville Goddard

This Feel It Real quote is from:

The 1948 Core Lectures of Neville Goddard – Remain Faithful To Your Idea

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