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Why Manifesting Takes Time – Neville Goddard Manifesting Quote

turtle1“Functioning on this level, it takes a little while to persuade ourselves when reason denies it and our senses deny it. Were we functioning on higher levels, everything would be immediately subject to our imaginative power. On this level it takes a little while, and so it takes persistence, it takes patience, it takes diligence. These are the things we pay, the price we pay for the fruits we are seeking to reap in this world. Here we always bear in mind the distinction between states and the occupant of the state.” – Neville Goddard

“You are an immortal being occupying a state. That state may be poverty, wealth, health, sickness; it may be to be known in this world or to be unknown -but they are only states. You are neither known or unknown – you are immortal; you are neither rich or poor -these do not really define you at all. You can assume that you are, and to the degree that you are persuaded you are, you bear the fruit of that state.” – Neville Goddard

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