Feel It Real

Neville Goddard’s Feel It Real Formula

feel_it_real_neville_goddard_peace“When you spell Jesus in Hebrew it begins JOD HE VAU. You don’t have to go further – that is the Creative Power – (JOD) to be aware, (HE)to be aware of, and (VAU) to be aware of being the state decided on…  – that’s the Name.”

“Now, the day we really believe it and are bold enough to walk in that Name (JOD HE VAU), there will be peace in the world. If we turn on the outside to an external God, there will be war in the world. For you have denied me and when you deny the real God there is confusion and conflict in the world. – Neville Goddard

This Feel It Real Quote is from:

The Four Mighty Ones – Nevlle Goddard

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