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How To Feel It Real – Remain Loyal

how_to_feel_it_real_neville_goddard_see_the_world“So put your trust in the name of God by walking out of here tonight in the belief that you are already the man or the woman that you would like to be and SEE THE WORLD AS YOU WOULD SEE IT, WERE IT TRUE.”

“And to the degree you remain loyal to that assumption, then to that degree you will externalize it and reap it as fruit within this world.” – Neville Goddard

This lesson in how to Feel It Real is from:

His Name – by Nevile Goddard


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How To Feel It Real - Remain Loyal
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How To Feel It Real - Remain Loyal
"See the world as you would see it, were it true. And to the degree you..."
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Neville Goddard Quotes
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