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Neville Goddard’s Earthquake Quote

prune_the_vine_neville_goddard“I am the true vine and my father is the vine dresser, and I and my father are ONE. And the eternal vine is the human imagination and all things come out the human imagination. There is nothing in this world that is created, but what is created by the human imagination. Everything in the world.”

“You may say, did the earthquake come out – yes it did, EVERYTHING comes out of the human imagination. These are only pressures built up by man’s own wonderful human imagination and they MUST be released. You build a pressure and it is released. There is not a thing that’s creating anything in this world and God is your wonderful human imagination.”

“But do not treat it as something you must simply once a week observe, or once a day or once a year. Every moment of time you observe what you are imagining, because what you are imagining you are creating – morning – noon and night. And prune your tree and it will become a habit and you will prune it all through the night. And then in the not distant future HE who is the ETERNAL VINE will awaken and you are he. And you will know that he is God the father because God’s only begotten son will stand before you – and call you father.” – Neville Goddard


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