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Neville Goddard Quotes on The Law of Reverse Effort

neville_goddard_quote_reverse_effort“Now before we go into our moment of silence there is something I must make very clear, and that is this effort we discussed last night. If there is one reason in this whole vast world why people fail it is because they are unaware of a law known to psychologists today as the law of reverse effort. When you assume the feeling of your wish fulfilled it is with a minimum of effort.”

“You must control the direction of the movements of your attention. But you must do it with the least effort. If there is effort in the control, and you are compelling it in a certain way you are not going to get the results. You will get the opposite results, what ever they might be.” – Neville Goddard

This Neville Goddard Quote is from the lecture:

The 1948 Neville Goddard Core Lectures

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