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The Real Reality of Neville Goddard –

neville_goddard_reality_army_polk“You know what you want. You hurt no one, but you must turn to God. And God is your own wonderful human imagination. Choose this day whom you will serve. And they answered ‘We choose the Lord’. You are witnesses against yourself that you have chosen the Lord. We are witnesses against ourself for the Lord’s only name is I AM. Well, who was actually assuming that he was, in his own apartment 2,000 miles away? I AM. I am assuming I am where physically I am not.”

“But the reality of me is not this, the reality of this speaker is his imagination. And I must be where I am in imagination. So the body was in Camp Polk, the reality of me was in that apartment of mine in New York City. You will take this story and multiply it thousands of times. But here, while you are here I would like to make it so clear that you and you alone are responsible for your own selection.”

“I can teach you the law, that’s the law in the nutshell, what I’ve just told you, but I cannot get behind you and say “No, not that, take this”. I can’t guide your ship. I must leave you to your choice and warn you it carries a risk unless you take your wonderful code and surround it.” – Neville Goddard

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