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Who was the Mystery Man Neville Met in London?

neville goddard london“It was He who took me to London when I really wasn’t qualified to do it; and then in London to find a man — a retired engineer who liked the psychic world and introduced me to this way of thinking — just a little spark — it was all there.”

“He only had to put the spark to it; so when I came back, I was living in the second-hand bookstores in New York City. When I could afford a book, I’d buy a book. And when I traveled as a dancer, I traveled with my library.”

“When the others played cards through the day to kill the time between shows — for we did three of four shows a day — I was reading my books. And when they went out after the show at night doing some things, I would take my books, and I built my library that way when I could ill afford to buy a book. That’s the way I spent my money.” – Neville Goddard

Source:  Consigned to Disobedience