Feel It Real

How To Feel It Real – Neville Goddard Gets A Massive Check By Changing His Inner Conversations

neville goddard inner conversations feel it real“Seemingly I had this conversation with my brother. Formerly I would argue mentally, — we were five thousand miles apart, — and I needed money at that time; and when I found myself arguing with him, I broke it — tore that entire record up. And whether he sent me a nickel or not, I loved him and praised him and thanked him, and went about my business, not knowing where the next was coming from, for I had spent a fortune by taking off one solid year and living at the same level that I had lived in previous years, and spent money like water.”

“Then came that moment I needed money. And inwardly I carried on a conversation with him, and I thought that’s a stupid thing to do; so I broke that record, and then I carried on the most glorious conversation with him, like two lovers, because I do love him and he loves me, And. I changed that “old man” into the “new man,” by changing my conversation with him, Do you know, in no time flat, — unasked, a very large wonderful check came to me? And no request; I didn’t appeal at all.”

“I was taking it out on the one I loved because I myself had spent the money like a drunken sailor. And then here inwardly I am arguing with my brother; and when I broke it and actually carried on the most loving conversation with him — all about the family life and all these marvelous things, suddenly out of the nowhere came a very large, wonderful check. And I didn’t appeal for it, So I am telling you from experience, I know it works this way.” – Neville Goddard



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