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Dare To Assume – Neville Goddard Quote

IMG_1732“When you pray, do not get down on your knees and pray to any unknown God. Instead, go to bed and dare to assume you are now who you want to be. Fall asleep assuming it is true and you will be on the road to success, for this is how things are brought into being.”

“Right now imagine something lovely for another. They need never know who was the cause of their fortune – but you will. My first wife did not know I was the cause of her action. Had she thought that her act would mean my freedom and her disgrace do you think she would have done it? She moved under compulsion, and I was the compelling force.”

“When you realize this, you forgive everyone for everything they have ever done, because you may have been the one who was the cause of their action.” – Neville Goddard

This Neville Goddard quote is from the lecture:
Brazen Impudence